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History of CHEOPS

A long time ago, a pyramid was built in Egypt. This pyramid is known as CHEOPS and is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. We, a group of dedicated students in our study association, found profound inspiration in the grandeur of the CHEOPS pyramid. Our study association’s name, CHEOPS, is derived directly from the CHEOPS pyramid, a marvel nestled within the iconic Giza pyramids. Our association’s logo, like the very pyramid that inspired our name, is a representation of the golden ratio, a principle that encapsulates harmony and perfection in design. It reflects our commitment to the pursuit of excellence and balance in all that we do.

But our story doesn’t end there. In the archive of our university’s history, there were three study associations within the Department of Built Environment at the Eindhoven University of Technology. These associations, KOers, FAGO, and Uitvoeringstechniek, shared a common goal: to enhance the academic experience and promote unity. In those early days, these three associations established a platform for mutual collaboration and support, humorously named the FUK (FAGO, Uitvoeringstechniek, and KOers).

As the years passed, their vision expanded. In 1985, the boards of these three associations made a momentous decision they decided to create an umbrella organization that would bring them all together. This decision was realized on December 12, 1985, when they officially approved the articles of association. “Studievereniging Bouwkunde” was the name chosen for the umbrella organization.

In a stroke of creative brilliance, they held a contest to design a name and emblem that would portray this umbrella organization. After this, CHEOPS was born. As time marched on, CHEOPS flourished welcoming new students and sub-associations, one for each master track: KOers, SERVICE, AnArchi, Mollier, Of Course!.

Today, CHEOPS proudly stands as the foremost association of the Built Environment, representing both bachelor and master students. It’s core values being open to everyone and enthusiasm. Thus, the story of CHEOPS serves as a symbol to the power of inspiration, unity, and the enduring legacy of those who dare to dream: crystal clear green.