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Prestigious Projects

CHEOPS has always participated in prestigious projects related to the Built Environment or to studentlife in general. Below you will find an overview of some of these projects from the past five years. If you are interested in these kind of projects as a student, you can always request more information via If you have a similar dream and want to work with us to make it a reality we will always take it into consideration!


GLOW 2019

In 2019, Team IGNITE once again stole the show during the annual GLOW festival, showcasing their Hypar installation to over 770.000 visitors!

GLOW 2018

In 2017, Team IGNITE was formed together with study association Lucid of Industrial Design. During GLOW 2018 they showcased their installation Loop, making their debut for the interactive and modular lighting world. 

Plugged Festival (2013-present)

Plugged Festival has grown massively from an outside drink with live music to the largest student-organized music festival on campus. The last edition in 2023 drew about 2500 visitors, and we hope to be back soon with another sweltering edition!

Shifting Perspectives

Shifting Perspectives is a bi-annual symposium that wants to provide students, employees and other parties with the chance to learn, debate, experience and gain knowledge about the built environment from all areas of expertise. Combined with seminars, workshops and background information this will provide the means to create a high level congress interesting to anyone involved with the Built Environment.