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New to Eindhoven

On this page you can find all sorts of useful information for when you are new to Eindhoven!

University locations


One of the most important locations during your studies here in Eindhoven is the university. The university is located just north of the train station and for that reason very accessible by public transport. On the campus itself there are several important buildings that you will use during your studies.


Vertigo is the building where you will spend the most of your time as a built environment student. The building offers several facilities such as the workshop, working areas and meeting rooms. Besides this, the CHEOPS bridge and our SkyBar!Underground can be found in this building!


The Auditorium building can be found opposite of the Vertigo building, on the other side of the KOE field. As mentioned, the Vertigo building has much to offer, but it does not contain lecture rooms. For the large lecture rooms, you will have to visit auditorium. Besides large lecture rooms, the auditorium has a canteen with a Subway, and some smaller lecture rooms on the top floor, which are often used for making exams.


Metaforum is the library building of the university. It is located centrally on campus and for that reason very accessible. If you are in need for a book, you can borrow it in Metforum, if the university owns a copy of the book you want. Besides borrowing books, Metaforum is often used to study for exams, or work on assignments. Make sure to bring your campus card during exam weeks, as you will only be granted access to the study area when showing a campus card. No campus card, means you will not be able to work in Metaforum during the exam weeks.


The latest addition to the campus is the Neuron building. Located a bit north of Metaforum, Neuron is designed to be a building where students can study in peace. If you need a quiet place to study, and don’t want to work in the library, Neuron is the building for you to visit.

Student sport center

Besides studying, the campus offers students the opportunity to practice sports and exercise. This is done in the student sport center (SSC). This building is ,located in the northern part of the campus. The SSC offers all sorts off facilities like a gym, squash courts and a big hall for practicing basketball or volleyball. Before you can start exercising at the SSC you will need a sports card, this card can be bought on the website of the SSC. Additionally, it is important to note that a sports card is needed to join any student sports association in Eindhoven.

Locations in the city


Municipality: for questions with regards to the government, and official documents, you will most likely have to contact the municipality. The municipality of Eindhoven can be reached in several ways, the first, and easiest way, is by visiting their website: , on this website, all sorts of resources can be found with regards to the city, healthcare and many more topics. For more personal matters, such as requesting an ID-card, you can visit the city hall located at the Stadhuisplein. The city hall is open on Monday from 8:30 – 19:00, on Tuesday until Friday from 8:30 – 17:00 and on Saturday from 9:00 – 12:00.  Before visiting the city hall, you will need to make an appointment on the website of the municipality.


For urgent emergencies, always call 112 (this is the Dutch Emergency number), however, if there is no threat for someone’s life, it is better to visit a hospital. Eindhoven has two hospitals, one located just north of the TU/e campus, and one up north in the neighborhood Woensel. The hospitals have a first aid service where they can help you with any urgent injuries, or when you need other medical attention. Besides this, a pharmacy is located in these hospitals where medicine can be bought.

Public transport

The public transport in Eindhoven has many things to offer. For travelling out of the city, the regional busses and the train stations can be used. The main bus station, and central station are located in the center of Eindhoven and offer the opportunity to travel to the entirety of the Netherlands. Eindhoven also has a second train station located in Strijp-S. This is a more regional station, as the intercity does not stop at this train station. This limits the travel options at this station, for that reason, travelling further away should be done from Eindhoven central station. For planning a trip by train, the NS (Dutch railway company) trip planner can be used to see when trains depart and arrive. The trip planner can be found here:

As mentioned, Eindhoven also offers public transport by bus. There are a large number of bus stations all over Eindhoven. For finding the closest bus stop, and planning trips by bus, the trip planner by 9292 is recommended. The trip planner can be found here:

Lastly, Eindhoven offers OV-bikes, these are bikes owned by NS. These bikes are useful when friends from other cities who don’t have a bike in Eindhoven come over to visit, or when your own bike is being repaired. The OV-bikes can be rented at both sides of Eindhoven central station. You do need an OV-card to get a bike. 


While Eindhoven might not be the prettiest city in the Netherlands, there are some nice buildings to visit in your spare time. Most of the buildings like the Philips stadium and light tower are remains of Philips, which was once the dominant company in Eindhoven. However, there are also other nice places to visit, such as the Van Abbe Museum or Evoluon. These buildings are definitely worth visiting for students of the built environment. For more information, just google these buildings to see their opening hours and history.


Going out

When studying in Eindhoven, it might occur that you find yourself going out until the late hours of the evening. If you are a real party animal, you are in luck! Because Eindhoven has the longest pub street of the BeNeLux: Stratumseind. Stratumseind is located in the city center and has many different kinds of pubs to offer. A total of over 50 different pubs are located at Stratumseind, so there will always be a pub you like. The pub where most of the CHEOPS members and built environment students can be found is our main pub: ‘T Lempke!

If you are in the mood to go out, Thursday evening is the main evening to go out for students in Eindhoven. The pubs will close at 02:00 in the evening on this day. It is also possible to go out on other days during the week but expect lower numbers of people at Stratumseind during the other weekdays. During the weekends, the pubs are open until 04:00, but it has to be noted that during these evenings there will be a large number of local people who are not students, making the atmosphere very different from going out on Thursday.

If you are not that into clubbing, you can also enjoy some drinks on one of the many terraces in Eindhoven. The main places where terraces are located are the market (Markt), and Kleine berg. The market is the main square in the center of Eindhoven and has many nice terraces where you and your friends can have some drinks. Kleine berg is a neighborhood west of the city center where all sorts of restaurants and cafes are located. This neighborhood is nice for having a drink with friends or going out for dinner with someone.

Group activities

A popular group activity to do in Eindhoven is to go Glowgolfing, or Bowling. Both of these activities can be done in Woensel Noord at the megabowling alley. Both the activities can be done in larger groups as well, making them ideal for committee outings or activities with friends.


For people who are into swimming, Eindhoven also offers several options. First of all, Eindhoven has an indoor swimming pool at Tongelreep, located in the south of the city. Originally, the pool was an Olympic swimming pool, but later a part for recreation was added as well. However, currently the recreational pool is under construction, and the new swimming facility is scheduled to be finished in 2025. In the meantime, when the weather is right, people can enjoy the outside swimming lake De Ijzeren Man. This lake is located just east of the TU/e campus and is a popular spot during summer.


Also for more cultural activities Eindhoven has many things to offer; there are plenty of cinemas in Eindhoven including Pathé, Vue and Natlab. If you find yourself down on your money but still want to go to the cinema for that one amazing movie we have a tip for you: on Tuesdays Vue offers cinema tickets at a discount rate. Besides this the popcorn is cheaper on Tuesday evenings. Eindhoven also has a theatre called the Parktheater. Parktheater offers all sorts of different theatre shows, if you are into cabaret or other types of theatre shows this is the place for you to go to.

For an up to date overview of the shows at Parktheatre visit:


Lastly, Eindhoven has some nice breweries for you to visit. It is, namely, the case that Eindhoven brews its own beer. Among these breweries the most famous one is the 100-Watt brewery (also known as 'Stadsbrouwerij') named after the lightbulbs Eindhoven is famous for producing. At this brewery you can get a tour and enjoy some specialty beers with some nice snacks.

Dutch culture

Dutch food

A lot of people would say that Dutch food is bad and tasteless. Which we do understand to some extent. A big difference compared to other countries is the amount of salt we use in our food, we don’t use that much salt. Besides that, our ‘original’ dishes consists mainly of potatoes, meat and vegetables. However, there are some Dutch foods, mostly snacks, which are definitely worth trying. Such as bitterballen, pannenkoeken and stamppot with rookworst!


The Dutch adore their fiets, it is one of the main reasons why people are so happy here. However, there are some rules you should get used to. You can check out this blog to learn all about biking:

Practical information

Moving to the Netherlands

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