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Teacher of the Year Awards 2024


Last Thursday, the ceremony of the Teacher of the Year awards took place. The event was organized by the Bachelor Council of CHEOPS. The Trappenzaal, where the event took place, was filled with students and teachers. Students from the Bachelor Council nominated the teachers and tutors based on teacher evaluations and personal experiences from students. In the previous weeks students voted on their best lecturer or tutor. This ended in a successful round of voting. Congrats to all nominees of the TOTY 2024!

But there could only be one winner for each category. Winners from last year’s TOTY were invited to give a small speech to the audience and announced the winners. The famous golden bricks were won this year by Floor van Schie (best bachelor tutor), Jan Schevers (best bachelor lecturer), Robert van Dongen (best master tutor) and Pieter Pauwels (best master lecturer). This year another special category was added: The Best Faas Award. This award could of course only be awarded to our Faas Moonen who will retire at the end of this academic year. After the ceremony, the attendees and nominees went for a nice drink in the sun at Plugged festival.

To the winners: enjoy and be proud to be possessor of the golden brick!

And to Faas: enjoy your retirement! You will be missed!